About Marc Smeets

I'm a senior IT security expert, ethical hacker and consultant. With many years experience in IT security and IT operations I know how to 'make' and 'break'. My security career started in 2006 at one of the top advisory firms as ethical hacker, technical IT auditor and IT security expert. Before 2006 I gained several years experience as IT engineer operating and designing networks and systems (and was always tinkering with the security of IT).

I enjoy using in-depth technical knowledge, am experienced in ethical hacking but also have the ability to see IT security in greater context of organisations. I enjoy talking and reporting to a wide variety of audience, ranging from upper management to IT engineers and from security officers to auditors. I'm an experienced public speaker on security conferences, trainings and university guest lectures.

MSc in System and Network Engineering, BSc in Network Infrastructure Design, certified OSCP, CISSP and CISA, registered IT auditor (RE). Several Cisco and Microsoft certifications obtained but not renewed.

Specialties: Ethical hacking, infrastructure security, mobile security, iOS, Android, Mobile Device Management, BYOD, networking technologies, honeypots and honeynets, covert channels, cyber attack detection tooling, experienced with common IT audit frameworks.

See a 1 page resume, or my LinkedIn profile.